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  Per Hour
Location Recording Call for Pricing
In-House Recording $35
Media Transfer $35
Installation $50
Wiring $40
Consultation $60


Location recording services for performances, seminars, and special events. Editing, duplication and printing of CD's.

We are pleased to offer our engineering services for location recording of conferences, performances, seminars and special events.

  • Multiple meeting rooms can be recorded simultaneously
  • Multi-track recording available
  • Cassette and CD copies available on-site or via mail order
  • Deposition and voice-mail recording, as well as microcassette transfers
  • Editing and transfer in all formats: CDR, cassette, micro-cassette, 78, 8-track (old style and multitrack), ADAT and DA88/78
  • We can engineer recordings for you, or rent you the equipment to do it yourself!

Referral And Project Coordination

Audio Consultants can assist you with any recording project. Our knowledge of the local and national markets will enable us to assist you in locating recording studios, engineers and musician services.

Equipment Appraisal

We perform appraisals on professional audio equipment for estates, tax purposes, realtors, and others. Please call us for information or to set up an appointment.